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"It's better than taking a vacation!"

(After a session of acupuncture, this patient who suffers from depression and insomnia, commented)

Rossella - Female

"I was treated with acupuncture by Dr. Li for high blood pressure in April of 1997. My blood pressure was measured at 140/100 at that time. After 9 visits of acupuncture treatments, my blood pressure went down to 129/84 and has remained normal ever since."

Yue - Female

"One of the most positive experiences I have had in my life, was finding the California Acupuncture Center and meeting Lillian.

At work one day I noticed that I had more than the usual old aches and pains.  My lower back, left hip and leg were hurting so bad I could hardly walk.  Soon it was happening 3 or 4 times a week.  When I went to the doctor he started giving me anti-inflammatory medicine.  It not only didn’t work, it had a very bad effect on my kidneys.  It wasn’t until I had an x-ray that I was diagnosed as have degenerative osteoarthritis.  Then I had an MRI done and I was told I couldn’t work anymore.  By that time the pain had advanced to my right side, my neck and my shoulders.  The pain was so intense that it was hard for me to explain.  It felt like all my nerves were screaming at me.  The pain would take my breath away.  I would try to go shopping or out to eat because I felt ok at that time.  But at times the pain would start up and I wouldn’t be able to walk out of where I was.  If I was alone I would have to wait 2 or 3 hours for the pain to subside enough for me to make it to my car.

Not being able to work and barely able to walk left me very depressed.  I tried physical therapy but my therapist told me that I was too depressed for it to work.  I just couldn’t accept the fact that I had this disease.

My husband told me about Lillian helping him after a work injury.  The hospital referred him to her.  He felt so good after his treatments that I knew I had to try acupuncture at the California Acupuncture Center.  Especially after the doctor had told me that he couldn’t do anything more than give me pain pills.  After my first 2 treatments I realized that I could get relief from my daily pain.  I was so happy then I started crying.  I t was because I had a future again.  I didn’t have to be in a wheelchair or in bed.  I could feel like there was hope for me.  It was like a miracle.  It still is!  I have some bad days, but it’s not a constant, every day, every night, thing.  I have more good days than bad ones.  I see Lillian once or twice a week and I have an exercise class that I go to once a week.  I can do things for myself now.  I have more freedom now than I’ve had since my pain first started.  The California Acupuncture Center and Lillian have done so much for me.  I just can’t thank them enough."

Sandy - Female

"I have Cervical Trapezius strain with spasms, numbness, headaches, tightness of neck and shoulders and mid-back.  I have tried physical therapy, traction, hot / cold treatments, ointments, medications and home exercises.  I was skeptical when my Occupational Medicine Dr. prescribed acupuncture, but since I have tried the procedures I’ve been very satisfied with the relief and results.  A combination of heat, electro-acupuncture with occasional cupping therapy and alternating with deep tissue massage therapy seems to be the only treatments that work and keeps my flare-ups to a minimum.  I was very surprised with the results and relief I was getting from these treatments.

My current condition was better, but now with the new workers’ comp laws not recognizing these procedures I’m starting to go downhill again.  My headaches, tightness have returned and I’m worried it’s just a matter of time before the spasms and numbness are back.  Hopefully something can be done to recognize this form of therapy for people who are in pain like myself."

Diane - Female (Age 45)

"My experience with Dr. Lillian Huang and the California Acupuncture Center has been very positive.  I suffer from a workers’ compensation injury “Carpal tunnel syndrome”.  I first learned I had CTS in 1998.  I truly believe in self healing so I never wanted surgery.  My insurance company and w.c. doctor have sent me to many different types of therapy.  It began with numerous doctors giving their opinion and then to heavy medication and painful shots in my wrist.  I had been burned by electrodes in the past and I have been through a lot of pain.  I went to Novacare for 2 years, then I transferred to Dr. Huang.  I can tell you, yes, I was scared and scared… but I knew there was something out there that would help me I just needed to find it.  At first when I thought of acupuncture all I could see was needles this was very scary to me.  Lillian started very slow with me, she did very few needles at first, she knew I was frightened.  Then after maybe 4 or 5 visits I started feeling relief, I started getting more sleep at night and the tingling and numbing, calmed down a lot, the pain lessened also and I don’t take half as much medications as I used to.  Lillian has all my trust, her mother, Dr. Li, is an awesome lady also without acupuncture in my life I don’t think I would be doing a lot of things, thinking about life without it makes me sad, acupuncture and cupping makes me feel great.  I get this surge of energy afterwards.  My CTS is under control I do have flare-ups but I know my limitations and if I exceed these then, pain is the result but I am not afraid.  Lillian has helped me with numerous illnesses and injury, headaches, migraines, old car accident injury in my back and sore throats, menstrual cramps and just calming emotional breakdowns.  I always look forward to seeing my acupuncturist she relieves me of PAIN.  I will continue to live with CTS and being a patient of Lillian.  Now when I go, I am not scared, I want needles in all my sore spots then I lay and fall asleep its amazing I have so much respect and trust."


Tracy - Female (Age 34)

"My injuries consist of shoulder, neck, arms and hand pain.  I have tried at several different times physical therapy and have had several surgeries and yet I still suffered with pain.  The relief I have gotten from acupuncture has been god sent.  It keeps my symptoms under control which helps to eliminate the need for pain medication.  Acupuncture has helped me more than all the physical therapy I’ve had.  With physical therapy, I always seemed to feel worse the next day rather than better.  Acupuncture relieves the burning and tightness that I suffer with and keeps the symptoms from any real flare-ups.  It really helps when I have cupping to take the tightness I get in my shoulders away.  I would recommend it for anyone suffering any type of pain."

Betty - Female (Age 46)

"Initially, I had a sore, painful arm, in conjunction with numbness and tingling across the arm and hand (left).  After several sessions of physical therapy, I still had these symptoms.  With the help of acupuncture, however, and with the professional intervention of Dr. Lillian Huang, most of my pain (arm) is gone and the tingling and numbness has been reduced to minimal in two fingers only.  Thanks to Lillian, I’m very grateful to you !!!"

Roman - Male (Age 52)

"I had wrist pain and lower back pain that used to be very painful all the time.  Since I’ve been seeing the Dr. for acupuncture my lower back pain which was almost constant with shooting pain has really subsided with acupuncture on a regular basis.  My wrist is feeling much better also, before it also felt weak now it seems to have much more strength.  The cupping that is done following the acupuncture seems to just vacuum a lot of the toxins out of the painful areas.  I also had shoulder pain periodically and also middle back pain and when seen in a speedy manner as soon as you get the acute pain it will be gone and sometimes not return."

J.M. - Female (Age 51)

"My injury was to the low lumbar/sacrum area.  I felt a sharp, pointed, jabbing type of pain that was almost constant with varying intensity.  Upon leaving the California Acupuncture Center on my first visit I was surprised to have a much lesser pain level.  While the pain relieving effect was not long lasting, it was a welcome relief from the constant intense discomfort.  As the treatments proceeded over the course of the prescription I found that the relief from pain was having a long lasting effect from 1-2 days to a week and longer.  I have had prescription pain relievers prescribed as well as traditional physical therapy for this injury prior to receiving the acupuncture treatments.  However, I feel that I did not have such long lasting relief as I have experienced with my treatments at the California Acupuncture Center.  I now feel like I’m finally returning to normal and perhaps even healing.  This is something that I’d not thought possible and almost given up on.  I look forward to start returning to the activities I’d given up over the last couple of years.  Thank you C.A.C."

B.K. - Male (Age 43)

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